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Adriana Olivotti - Resilience Coach

Remaining resilient in transformations

I have been working as a coach for people in change processes for more than twelve years. One of my main focuses is the topic of resilience. To face the challenges of life and work in a healthy and powerful way, we need a strong dose of psychological resilience and energy. And this is exactly what we can learn when we know about the different resilience factors and what causes stress, and when we learn to activate our own resources. My second focus is on leadership in digital transformations. Whether young or experienced: Digital leadership requires not only increased knowledge, but also a fair amount of resilience. When the demands increase, it’s time to take a break and to find yourself and your own strength again. That’s what I like to work on with you.


Based on my trainings as a resilience coach (certified by the Bavarian Medical Association) and as a non-medical practitioner for psychotherapy as well as advanced trainings on the topics of transformation, leadership, communication and new work, I work with the following approaches and models:

  • Person-centered approach (Carl Rogers)
  • Positive psychology (according to Martin E.P. Seligman, among others)
  • Resource-oriented self-management (incl. CRM model and embodiment according to Maja Storch and Frank Krause)
  • Stress research and stress management (e.g. according to Gert Kaluza)
  • Resilience research, focus on self-efficacy and self-care
  • Inner child, transformation of beliefs (e.g. Stefanie Stahl)
  • Miniature constellations, systemic, potential-oriented
  • Big Five for Life (John Streckely)


I am Adriana Olivotti, I live in Munich – sometimes in my second home Italy – and I have been working as a consultant, trainer & coach for more than twenty years. My heart’s desire: To accompany people in change processes and in their personal development. Following the positive psychology, I work resource-oriented to bring people back to their inner strength. With the help of the person-centered approach of Carl Rogers, I attach great importance to finding individual solutions together with my clients.

I see myself as a curious traveller between the worlds and have worked for several years as a journalist, consultant and coach for board members and managing directors from politics and business as well as head of communications for a global company. For more than twelve years I have been coaching people from all over the world with great passion. I offer my coaching sessions in German, English and Italian.

Adriana Olivotti – Business-Coaching

Adriana Olivotti – Referenzen


Ana Lazic, COO at NanoTemper Technologies Inc., South San Francisco, USA

Working with Adriana has been crucial for the development of our US subsidiary and my personal growth as a leader. I was faced with the challenges of the fast-growing company and market penetration of new technologies in the USA market. Our ‘sparring sessions’ are invaluable to me. It is much easier to be confident with decisions when you have someone who carefully listens, challenges your views and eventually coaches you toward fulfillment of your professional and personal goals.

Andreas Renner, Berlin and Brussels office director for EnBW

As my personal consultant, Ms Olivotti has provided valuable feedback. She is an outstanding observer and analyst.

Brigitte Wagner, Systemische Therapie, Supervision & Coaching, Munich

Adriana Olivotti has a clear, goal-oriented working style. With her creativity, she develops individual solutions for her clients, always taking into account their personality structure and contexts. I have always found her to be attentive and respectful. She combines clarity with sensitivity and humour. It is enjoyable to have her help in professional development. I can recommend her as a coach unreservedly.

For more references, see Raum für Technik.



Here are some of my favourite books.

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Stahl, Stefanie (2015):
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München, Kailash Verlag

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My office is located in the northernmost city of Italy. You can find me right in the center of the city. I conduct coaching sessions either in the Alte Hopfenpost in Maxvorstadt or in my coaching rooms in Haidhausen, in Prinzregentenstraße. If desired, a room in Neuhausen, in Schlörrstraße, is also available. However, because of Corona, all coaching currently takes place online via Zoom – which works great.

My contact data:
Adriana Olivotti
Alte Hopfenpost
Hopfenstraße 8
80335 München

t: 089 22 840 604
m: 0160 903 305 12